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Mobile DR chest radiograph

I recently received a consultation from a Venezuelan client about mobile DR, and learned that the client is a personal clinic. The client wanted to buy a portable X-ray machine that could be used in a small clinic, so he recommended our mobile DR to the client.
This mobile DR has two specifications to choose from, 4kw and 5kw. Since the customer wants to take photos of the lumbar spine and other parts, it is recommended that the customer use our 5kw high-frequency x-ray machine to move the DR. The customer asked what this set of equipment contains, and told the customer that this is a simple mobile DR, which mainly includes x-ray machines, DR brackets, flat panel detectors, and laptops. The customer said whether it can be equipped with a film printer, telling the customer that we do not produce film printers, we recommend that customers go to the manufacturer to buy, so that the price will be more affordable.

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