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Mobile DR does not require a room

Nowadays, ordinary hospitals will purchase mobile DR, not because the traditional vertical DR has been eliminated, but because the mobile DR has stronger practicability in the face of more special situations, especially for intraoperative and emergency situations. The bedside photographic examination of severe patients and patients with limited mobility, and infectious patients in the isolation area has higher application value. The digitization of bedside images has been realized, which can significantly improve the quality of bedside images, and provide accurate and timely information for many critically ill patients. Of the diagnosis, and gained valuable treatment time. Another important point is that mobile DR does not require a room. The room not needed here means that if the mobile DR is not fixed in a room, the protection may not be so strict, because for the X-ray camera system, the country has protection standards, and the fixed X-ray machine needs Make a special lead-protected room to prevent radiation. For mobile DR, because the shooting location may not be fixed, the room requirements are not so high, but the operator should also wear lead clothes, lead aprons, etc., to the greatest extent protect yourself
With these advantages, mobile DR is becoming more and more important in hospitals! If you want to consult more mobile DR questions, please consult.

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