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Mobile DR equipment for medical examination department

I recently received a customer inquiry about our mobile DR. After communicating with the customer, I learned that the customer is a personal medical examination center, which mainly provides on-site medical examination activities for individuals or units. I saw our company’s mobile DR on the Internet. I want to learn more about it and consider it. Whether it can meet his requirements.
I first sent the customer the information of our mobile DR product in the past. Due to the small use environment of the customer, there is a requirement for the floor area of ​​the machine itself. Tell the customer the overall dimensions of our machine: 1530 (length) × 685 (width) × 2040 (H) (mm) When the X-ray generator window is downward, the distance between the focal point and the ground is 1320 mm, and the time for the image display system to display images that can meet the diagnostic requirements after exposure should not exceed 14s. And there are many advantages, folding structure design, convenient transportation. Imported X-ray host with better quality. Standard battery power supply, the filming effect is not affected by AC power conditions, and filming can be done even if the power is off.
The dual-panel control can be operated near the desk or in the compartment, so that the doctor can stay away from radiation damage. The self-developed high-quality image processing system ensures better image effects.

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