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Mobile DR filming machine

In clinical applications, mobile DR uses the latest dynamic detector technology to achieve multiple functions such as digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal, digital imaging, etc., in terms of imaging quality, imaging speed, imaging speed, imaging stability, imaging size, etc. And so on, there are advantages that other products can’t surpass.
The resolution of digital DR is very high, the image is clear and delicate, and the image quality is fully guaranteed. At the same time, DR has realized filmless, so that the hospital cancels the traditional film-recorded image management method, and the patient’s patient images can be recorded in the computer, which saves the hospital’s film funds and improves work efficiency.
Advantages of mobile DR:
(1) Mobile DR microcomputer control, LCD display, easy operation.
(2) Mobile DR newly designed high frequency and high voltage generator
(3) Simple and convenient posture display for moving DR.
(4) New bed design for mobile DR.
(5) Mobile DR has reassuring safety functions.
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