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Mobile DR for photographic examination

Today I received an inquiry ,medical consultation mobile DR, which is used for bidding by the customer.Since the tender has not been finalized and there is no specific parameter requirement, the client requires to quote the price for the time being.Therefore, I recommended the mobile DR and treatment system of 100MA-YL to the customer, which is small in size and easy to carry.
100mA mobile diagnosis and treatment system adopts high-frequency inverter technology, stable X-ray output;High quality digital tablet, high performance image workstation and full digital image processing, high quality image quality compact body design, folding and shrinking for easy movement.It is convenient to work in different areas in three ways of exposure control: remote control, hand brake, the body button intelligent fault self-diagnosis, self-protection;With flexible digital interface, programmable control can also be adapted to different workstations.
The maximum power of high-frequency X-ray head used in 100mA mobile DR and treatment system can reach 5KW.40-110 kv voltage;The exposure time of current 32MA-100mA 0.32-315MAS varies from 0.01s to 6.3s.Operating frequency ≥30kHz Power supply type 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz, inverter adopts pulse width modulation (PWM) technology
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