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Mobile DR is one of our best-selling products

The term mobile DR medical equipment has actually become popular in the medical circle a few years ago, but because of the new crown epidemic in recent years, it has once again pushed this term to the public. Currently, Newheek mainly sells two mobile DR models, one is a 400 mA mobile DR, and the other is a 100 mA portable mobile DR.
Today, let’s briefly introduce to you our best-selling 100 mA portable mobile DR this year!
Product features of mobile DR:
1. The mobile DR is produced by high-frequency inverter technology, stable high-voltage output can obtain good image quality;
2. The mobile DR adopts a compact design, which is easy to carry and work in different regions and locations;
3. Mobile DR has three exposure control methods: remote control, hand brake and interface button type;
4. Mobile DR has fault self-diagnosis and self-protection;
5. Mobile DR has a flexible digital interface, users can go deep into the core programming control, and can be adapted to different DR detectors.
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