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Mobile DR is very important for diagnosing

After the outbreak of COVID-19, chest X-ray imaging examination became an important means to diagnose and track the development of the disease.
For example, ICU’s demand for such examinations has surged, and mobile DR, which is easy to move between wards and easy to disinfect, has become “sweet and sour”, which has brought no small changes to the X-ray imaging and fluoroscopy equipment market. The orders of various mobile DR manufacturers have surged, and fixed DR manufacturers are also actively looking for opportunities to develop mobile DR to meet market demands while also taking a slice.
The mobile DR produced by Newheek can meet the photography needs of people’s various parts. It integrates a high-frequency high-voltage generator, X-ray tube assembly, DR flat panel detector, beam limiter, imaging system as one, the largest The degree of convenience facilitates people’s needs. If you think this mobile DR meets your requirements, please call!

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