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Mobile DR summary

Nowadays, as the installed capacity of mobile DR gradually increases, more advantages of its clinical application are constantly being developed and verified. If any research has confirmed that mobile DR has a certain effect in bone density detection, the pixel values of double femoral neck, double Ward triangle and double grand tuberosity DR are significantly positively correlated with DXA bone density, DR pixel value It can reflect the bone density of the measurement site.
All in all, mobile DR can not only “freedom” in the ward like mobile CR, but also can complete the X-ray film of various complex positions in the environment such as ICU and operating room, and can even play an irreplaceable role in the emergency field outside the hospital. effect. These fully demonstrate the advantages of the mobile DR model’s small size, high density resolution, fast imaging speed, instant diagnosis, wide image dynamic range, clear image, and various post-processing.
In summary, the popularization and development of mobile DR will benefit more clinical needs and promote better medical standards.


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