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Mobile medical x-ray machine

The mobile medical X-ray machine is a combined X-ray diagnostic machine. It has a compact body shape and is suitable for the head, limbs, thoracic cavity, waist and abdomen of the human body in wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICUs, etc. Mobile diagnostic equipment for photography.
1. The mobile medical X-ray machine has a small and beautiful appearance, a touch operation panel, flexible movement and convenient operation;
2. The mobile medical X-ray machine adopts high-frequency inverter technology, with good ray quality, low skin dose, stable and reliable, and good image clarity and contrast;
3. The mobile medical X-ray machine adopts KV analog closed-loop control technology, mAs digital closed-loop control technology, and timely wsfejtvd control by microcomputer to ensure the accuracy of dose and extremely high repeatability;
4. The mobile medical X-ray machine adopts KV and mAs two-button adjustment parameters, with a backlit LCD display, and has multiple protection functions such as tube voltage overvoltage, tube current overcurrent, output overload, and X-ray tube thermal melting;
5. The rocker arm can move up and down, and is automatically balanced. The rocker arm safety lock design makes it safer to move and use;
6. High-quality combined X-ray generator, which greatly reduces radiation, and is safer for environmental protection and operators;
7. The mobile medical X-ray machine has a fault interlocking automatic protection device, and a fault code display; the system will automatically recover after a power failure to ensure that the parameters are not lost;
8. Adopting a symmetrical adjustable speed limiter with light source, the size of the filming range can be adjusted freely, light source positioning, ruler distance measurement, convenient and accurate film positioning;
9. High-quality combined high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator is adopted, with good ray quality, high image clarity, ±90° rotation, and good ray quality.
X-ray machines are widely used in various fields of medical and health, science education, industry, assist doctors in diagnosing diseases, non-destructive inspections in industry, safety inspections in railway stations and airports, etc. If you want to know more about the performance of small medical X-ray machines, or other product information such as digital gastrointestinal machines, please call for consultation.

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