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Mobile stand for mobile DR x ray machine

Newheek mobile bucky stand for bed. There are many different types of bucky stands in the Newheek bucky stand series, such as electric bucky stand, manual bucky stand, fully automatic bucky stand, portable bucky stand, fixed bucky stand and simple bucky stand.


Whether it’s an electric bucky stand, a manual bucky stand, a fully automatic bucky stand, a mobile bucky stand, a fixed bucky stand and a simple bucky stand, they all function like ordinary x ray bucky, mainly for the human body. The head, abdomen, chest, pelvis, limbs and other parts were examined. The structure of x ray bucky is mainly composed of the column, the carriage, the clip, the arm and the moving base. It is suitable for different sizes of cassettes, CR IP boards and with (without) line flat panel detector DR.
Mobile bucky stand With the radiology table and X-ray machine, the X-ray system is formed.
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