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Mobile X-ray machine for clinic

Recently, many clinics have inquired about mobile X-ray machines, and most of them are orthopedic clinics who come to consult and take photos of palms, soles and limbs. In this regard, we suggest to choose our portable mobile X-ray machine, which is small in appearance and does not take up space, and is very friendly to private hospitals and clinics.
Briefly introduce the characteristics of our mobile X-ray machine:
The mobile X-ray machine is portable and generally used for patients with mobility problems. The mobile X-ray machine can be upgraded to a drx machine by adding a flat-panel detector, but the power will not change. The dr can perform digital imaging and display it in the image processing system. For image processing, the approximate price of a mobile X-ray machine ranges from 30,000 to 100,000.
If you have a need to purchase a mobile X-ray machine, you can call for detailed consultation!

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