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Mobile X-ray machine room size

What is the size of the room required for the mobile X-ray machine? Do you have any questions about this when you searched for this question? Everyone knows that the mobile X-ray machine was originally intended to be used in the ward, so it was designed to be called a mobile model. Otherwise, just install the fixed type directly on the lead guard.
Briefly introduce our mobile X-ray machine:
Power: 5kw. Strictly speaking, it is a portable X-ray machine. After adding a mobile stand, it can be turned into a mobile model to move in the room, that is, a mobile X-ray machine.
Mobile DR system can quickly diagnose COVID-19
Digital Radiography System (DR) is one of the most important imaging equipment for diagnosing COVID-19
Use images to diagnose the chest to find suspicious patients such as fever
Image diagnosis is the most important diagnostic method for clinical diagnosis
Mobile DR is small in size and light in weight
The device can reach wherever it is needed
Especially suitable for emergencies
Suitable for bedside shooting in isolation wards, ICU, and isolation dense areas to avoid patient movement
This is the most needed product for clinical diagnosis of COVI-19
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