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Nursing home equipped with x-ray machine

When purchasing an X-ray machine for a nursing home, it is recommended to purchase a 100MA portable X-ray machine from our company, equipped with a set of equipment, including an electric tripod, a flatbed for radiography, a flat panel detector, a laptop computer and software. High frequency inverter technology, stable X-ray output. High-quality digital tablet, high-performance image workstation. Fully digital image processing, high-quality image quality. Compact body design, foldable and shrinkable. Easy to carry and move, convenient to work in different areas. Three exposure control methods: remote control, handbrake, body button. Intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-protection Intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-protection. Flexible digital interface, programmable control, adaptable to different workstations. Shooting for the elderly in nursing homes, this product has a small dose, is easy to move, and is convenient for shooting.

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