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Operation Specification of portable DR X-ray machine

Portable DR X-ray machine is mainly used for radiation examination of human limbs and chest. It is a portable equipment for X-ray examination and diagnosis in ward, radiology department, orthopedics department, physical examination department and emergency room of medical units. It is also favored by hospital staff for its small and beautiful appearance, mobile flexibility and convenience.
So for the daily use of portable DR X-ray machine, what should the operator pay attention to?
Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply used by the equipment is normal,
According to the conventional procedure, the appropriate conditions should be selected for normal exposure operation; the tube current, tube voltage and exposure time of X-ray tube must be selected within the specified range
Moving parts such as photographic flat bed and filter grid must be fixed firmly before operation
When adjusting various switches or knobs, observe whether the indicated value of the instrument is within the specified range;
When the portable DR X-ray machine is used, the power should be turned off in time;
Wipe the equipment frequently to keep it clean;
The maintenance of portable DR X-ray machine is one of the most important links in the process of equipment use. Only when we finish this work carefully can we use the equipment better.

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