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Our mobile X-ray machine

Recently, customers often consult our mobile x-ray machine. I sent the information of our products to the customer. The customer wants a cheap one, and asks the customer what they want to take with a mobile X-ray machine. The customer said that the main thing is to take pictures of limbs. The drug store does not need to be too high-quality. X-ray machine, so we recommend our power frequency mobile X-ray machine to customers.
The industrial frequency machine boosts and rectifies the 50Hz industrial frequency power supply, and there is a 100Hz sine ripple after filtering, and there is still more than 10% ripple after filtering. The high frequency machine has a high operating frequency and the voltage after high voltage rectification is basically a constant DC , The ripple can be less than 0.1%. Different high-voltage voltages correspond to electron beams of different energy, thereby generating X-rays of different wavelengths. The singler the X-ray spectrum, the less the scattering and the clearer the image.
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