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Peruvian customers inquire about portable X-ray machines

Peruvian customers saw our portable X-ray machine on my Ali seller, and are very interested in our 100mA portable X-ray machine. They want to know about our portable X-ray machine and get product quotations. If necessary, they will contact me. company to purchase. I asked the customer whether it was for self-use or a dealer, the customer replied that it was a medical equipment supplier, and then learned whether the customer needed a power-frequency X-ray machine or a high-frequency one. Said that it is mainly used for photographing human limbs and lumbar vertebrae, and introduced our 100mAX optical machine to customers for photographing limbs, chest X-rays, lumbar vertebrae, and cervical vertebrae. Can be used with mobile racks, portable and easy to operate. Ask if the customer has an imaging system? The customer said that there is no imaging system, and would like to ask about the price with and without the imaging system. Then I sent the product information to the customer, briefly introduced the parameters and made a quotation. The client said that he will react to the situation first, and will continue to contact me if he thinks it is appropriate.
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