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The new crown may become a pandemic virus and will never disappear and cannot be eradicated! According to the New York Times, a senior official of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that the new crown virus may become another epidemic in the world, and May never disappear “.
Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of WHO’s Emergency Situations, spoke at a video conference in Geneva and predicted the lifespan of the virus.
“I think this virus may become another epidemic virus other than AIDS. And this virus may never disappear. It can only be strengthened and not eradicated.”
“AIDS has existed for decades since it was discovered, and it has not disappeared, and humans have slowly accepted the existence of this virus. We have found a cure and found a way to prevent it. People are no longer like I was scared like that before, “he added.
Ryan continued: “I think the most important thing is to face the reality. No one can predict when or if the virus will disappear.”
Regarding the question of vaccines, he replied that the only hope at present is that scientists can find an “high-efficiency vaccine” to distribute to everyone in the world who needs it, and only then will it be possible to stop the spread of this virus.
And another possibility is that if the infected person becomes immune or develops drug resistance, then when enough people are infected with the virus, the number of people who can infect or spread the virus will be reduced, making it easier to control its break out. But no one knows how long it will take.
“But in fact, the vaccine must be developed first, and to make it highly effective, the most important thing is that everyone must be injected with this vaccine.” He pointed out that scientists are developing this vaccine.

Doctor B of Anhui yk pet hospital consulted the DR X-ray machine for pets, mainly for shooting cats and dogs. The large weight is about 80 kg. It is recommended to use a 300ma high-frequency machine. The quotation cannot be invoiced. 115,000. * 10,000, the price of a simple tablet system + computer is * 10,000. Customers say they have a second-hand mobile X-ray machine on hand, can they be upgraded? Inform that if the whole machine accessories work normally, it is possible to add a picture of the device on WeChat. Dear pet doctors, if you need a pet mobile DR, please call us.



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