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Pet X-ray machine operation process

Pet X-ray machine is used for animal inspection and diagnostic photography. It is an essential equipment for pet hospitals to perform X-ray scanning imaging and imaging processing for animals. Many people may not know the operation process of the pet X-ray machine, so I will introduce the use process of the pet X-ray machine. The process of using the pet x-ray machine is as follows: 1. First check whether the power supply of the machine is in good condition and whether it is damaged. 2. Whether the power switch is turned on and the machine is powered on. 3. Power adjustment, the knob to the voltmeter scale refers to the appropriate parameter position. 4. KV parameter adjustment, adjust to the KV value required for shooting. 5. Time adjustment, select the required time. 6. Select the appropriate mA value and adjust the parameter value according to the demand. 7. Put the cassette containing the X-ray film in the drawer and adjust the required focal length. 8. Adjust the light beam device, adjust the field of view of the light beam device to a suitable size for shooting, and make the center line of the cross coincide with the center line of the cassette. 9. Press the exposure switch, you will hear the buzzer beeping, and the milliamp meter will indicate at the same time, which means the exposure is successful. 10. Remote exposure, during exposure, once the machine receives the transmission signal, it will time the exposure. 11. After shooting, restore the kilovolt parameters and time values, then turn off the power switch and turn off the machine. Turn on the power supply of the high-voltage generator, detector, and computer workstation of the pet X-ray machine, and open the acquisition workstation software. After the high-voltage generator, detector, etc. are confirmed to be connected normally, the parameters can be adjusted; if the picture that comes out is dim or not clear enough, you can Properly adjust the tube voltage parameters; if it is too bright, you can slightly lower the value of these two parameters; after shooting a few times, you will find the appropriate shooting parameters and feel. The above is the operation process of the pet x-ray machine. If you are interested in pet X-ray machines or have further needs, please contact us for details. Phone (whatsapp): +8617616362243!

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