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Popular mobile portable X-ray machine for diagnosis

Today, a dealer consulted a mobile portable X-ray machine, which was a popular mobile portable X-ray machine for diagnosis in a local second-class hospital. The customer requested that it be mobile portable. With a budget of around 10,000 yuan, Huarui 5KW mobile portable X-ray machine is recommended for quotation of 10,000 yuan. What does the customer mean that it is a little over budget? Is there a minimum? This digital price is already very low. Add WeChat to send profile photos. As shown below


The following briefly introduces the performance and parameters of this product
1. Product performance
1.1 The exposure setting of this product and the high-frequency inverter X-ray generation device can greatly reduce the exposure dose required by doctors when obtaining high-quality images.
1..2 The precise and compact overall structure design and manufacturing can provide users with reliable use and convenient operation.
1.3 Performance of high-voltage generator
a. Adopt high-frequency inverter technology to produce stable high-voltage output and obtain good image results.
b. X-ray photography parameter adjustment adopts three parameters of kV, mA and mAs (s), the interlock protection condition is determined by the software, and selected by pressing the key.
c. X-ray parameter adjustment adopts key adjustment method, and different kV, mAs (s) and mA parameter combination methods can be preset as required.
d. The working mode of the X-ray machine can be switched by the keys on the panel, and the status is displayed on the LCD screen.
e. Fault self-protection and self-diagnosis: Once a fault occurs, the generator device is interlocked, and the display panel displays the fault code and emits an alarm sound to facilitate maintenance.
f. X-ray machine adopts compact design, which is convenient for doctors to carry on work in different regions and locations
2. Product Specifications
2.1 Mechanical dimensions
a. Overall dimensions of main cabinet: 297 * 239 * 516 (mm)
b. Overall dimensions of beam limiter: 171 * 171 * 150 (mm)
2.2 Main technical parameters:
a Power condition:
The power supply voltage is single-phase AC 220V, 50Hz, sine wave. The power supply voltage range is 220V ± 10%, and the frequency range is: 50Hz ± 1Hz
The internal resistance of the power supply should not be greater than 1.0Ω, and the power supply capacity should not be less than 6.5kvA
Input power: 8.5kvA
Overcurrent release: 20A / 220V
Fuse: 20A / 220V
b Working environment conditions:
1) Ambient humidity: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
2) Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%
3) Atmospheric pressure: 70.0kPa ~ 106.0kpa
c working frequency
Working frequency is not less than 30kHz in photography state
d Nominal output power
Intermittent mode:
The maximum output power is 5.0kw (100kv, 50ma, 0.1s);
The highest rated tube voltage is 110kv, and the maximum tube current for photography is 40mA
The maximum tube current for photography is 100ma, and the corresponding maximum tube voltage is 50kV
e Exposure time: The exposure time is set with digital settings and sub-range adjustment, the adjustment range is 0.01s ~ 6.3
After reading the above introduction, you have a clearer understanding of newheek’s popular mobile X-ray machine for clinic use. If you need to order, please contact us at+86 15628738108!

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