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Portable Chest Radiography Plus Benefits

The use of portable chest radiography stands has become more and more widespread. Many individual outpatient clinics and small hospitals call to find out if there is a portable chest X-ray frame with the most simple structure, moderate price, convenient use and no space occupation. In response to these needs of customers, some companies have developed a wall-mounted and retro-fitted system. The portable DR chest X-ray film frame made of aluminum alloy base is suitable for SF Express or export aircraft transportation because of its hard and lightweight material. Now, most hospitals choose to use portable chest X-ray racks after the original column-type chest X-ray rack is damaged. The portable chest film rack consists of a bracket, 2 slide rails and a film cassette. The cassette structure of this simple film stand is very simple and is mainly used for storing film cassettes. It is more convenient to move and light in weight, and can be carried by one person. It is the first choice for medical examinations when going out to the countryside. But now the imaging device of the cassette has been basically cancelled. At present, there are more and more IP panels for CR and flat panel detectors for DR. However, IP boards and flat panel detectors are relatively expensive, so it is not recommended to use this portable chest rack. Because the simple chest frame is too simple in appearance design, please hold it with both hands when installing or adjusting the shooting height to prevent the cassette from falling instantly.

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