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Portable DR X-ray machine for Chinese orthopedics clinic

Recently, a Chinese orthopedics clinic asked about portable DR X-ray machines, saying that they checked some portable X-ray machine heads + portable X-ray machines + portable dental X-ray machines, and thought that these X-ray machines were cheap and could meet their needs. He said that his friend is using a dental portable X-ray machine + tablet for inspection, but it takes a few more shots, and the effect is okay. It is told that the focus of the dental X-ray machine is too small, and it is best to use the portable X-ray machine +14* 17 wireless board, quotation *10,000.
The next day I asked about the procurement progress of the X-ray machine. The customer said that he needed to purchase, but his health department asked me to join the community health service station. The government department would take care of it. He could only recommend our X-ray machine. Machine. Some basic information of X-ray machine and renderings of the shooting may be needed, so it is easy to introduce some. The policy requires the establishment of a three-sense community, and inspections need to be entered into the house. Therefore, a portable X-ray machine must be used with good effects and accuracy. High degree.
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