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Private hospitals come to consult our mobile X-ray machine

Recently, many private hospitals have come to consult our mobile X-ray machine, including orthopedic clinics and private general hospitals. At present, our domestic X-ray machines mainly include portable X-ray machines, mobile DR X-ray machines and industrial frequency mobile X-ray machines.
Mobile X-ray machines have now become the best filming equipment in clinics and hospitals. They are usually used for bedside photography. X-ray machines in hospitals are also used in a wide range. Mobile X-ray machines generally take pictures of limbs. If you take chest radiographs or cervical spine It is not recommended to choose a mobile X-ray machine for lumbar shooting. The image produced by the camera is blurred and the effect is not ideal. It is recommended to use a 400mA mobile DR and a fixed sickle arm DR. Mobile X shutdown physical examination is small and portable. Mobile X-ray machines can be upgraded to drx light machines by adding flat-panel detectors, but the power will not change, but dr can perform digital imaging in the image processing system. Display image processing. In terms of price, the approximate price of a mobile X-ray machine ranges from 30,000 to 100,000. If you have a purchase requirement of a mobile X-ray machine, you can contact us for detailed consultation!

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