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Shenzhen customers inquire about portable X-ray machines

The Shenzhen customer is an old customer of our company. Before, we consulted the vehicle-mounted DRX light machine in our company. Later, the project was suspended and no cooperation was reached. This time the customer needs to purchase a large number of portable X-ray machines and contact our company directly.
We first confirm to the customer whether it is an export project or a domestic project. The customer replied that there is a project that needs to purchase multiple portable X-ray machines to assist the community service center in poverty-stricken areas. We confirm with the customer whether bidding or direct purchase is required. The customer replied that direct purchase is not required. Go through the bidding process. The customer’s requirement for the portable X-ray machine is to be able to take chest X-rays. We sent the photos of our portable X-ray machine to the customer, and introduced the portable X-ray machine to the customer to take chest X-rays. After confirming that the customer needs to support the digital imaging system, the customer does not want to support the computer, and explain to the customer that the computer is the workstation software used to install the imaging system, and it needs a computer to operate. After quoting the customer, the customer said to compare a few.
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