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Small dose mobile bedside X-ray machine for children

Recently, a Company inquired about a mobile bedside X-ray machine for children, claiming that it was purchased by a local community children’s hospital. Due to limited funds and a small budget, it planned to purchase a small-dose mobile bedside X-ray machine and required it to be equipped with x ray table.

This mobile bedside X-ray machine is very suitable for community hospitals. The price is not only cheap but also meets the needs of daily inspections. Regarding the issue of film processing, because this is a simple and small device that cannot directly print film, users can use it with CR and DR, and then use the film processor to process the film. Finally, the customer raised a question about the third-party certification and testing. The customer meant that if the third-party certification is due to the equipment and the test fails, the customer needs to return the product.

The mobile bedside X-ray machine has been tested by Liaoning. If the third party you find is unqualified, the manufacturer’s engineer can cooperate to do the corresponding test, because the testing standards of each place may be different.

Finally, I want to tell you that the mobile bedside X-ray machine premise of cooperation is mutual trust. Since you have chosen the manufacturer’s products, you should trust the quality of the products. Even if there are any problems, the two sides negotiate to resolve them, cooperation can be more win-win.

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