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Swiss customer inquiries about pet X-ray machine

Swiss customers saw our pet X-ray machine on our Alibaba. They are very interested in our pet X-ray machine. They want to know the specific information and quotation of our pet X-ray machine. Our company buys.
The client is a company that cares about animals and wants to invest in a veterinary clinic in Lebanon, mainly to photograph small animals such as kittens and puppies, and recommended our 100mA pet X-ray machine to the client. No problem. Ask the customer if they need to be equipped with a DR imaging system, and equipped the customer with our wired flat panel detector and pet bed. Because the transportation of computers is troublesome, it is recommended that customers purchase computers locally. After receiving the goods, our engineers can remotely guide the installation of the software. When the customer responds, he will communicate with his colleagues and purchase from our company if necessary.
The pictures of our pet X-ray machine are as follows:

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