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The composition and branch characteristics of mobile DR

With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, mobile DR has become a hot commodity. Mobile DR is a set of mobile X-ray generation system with DR flat panel detector imaging. The X-ray generation system is mainly composed of X-ray tube, high-voltage generation system, filament heating part, rotating anode starting circuit and X-ray beam light device.

1. Features of high-voltage generation system: high frequency, high power, pulse control.

2. The X-ray beam light adopts a multi-leaf shutter to limit the X-ray field of view and avoid unnecessary radiation to the patient. There are multiple copper filters inside, and the computer automatically selects according to the photographic location, body position, and imaging parameters to ensure the best filtering effect, eliminate soft lines, and reduce radiation dose.

3. Digital imaging system (DR detector)

With these and then configure a computer, you can instantly image. Mobile DR has the characteristics of rapid imaging and convenient movement, which can meet the needs of people in different wards or people who are inconvenient to move. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the mobile DR market has developed rapidly, which has further replaced the functions of some fixed X-ray machines. If you also need it, please contact us.


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