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The functions and uses of dr photography

DR photography refers to the use of digital X-ray inspection equipment to expose the chest and then use film imaging. DR is a new technology that can directly perform digital X-ray photography. It is an upgraded version of traditional X-ray photography. DR is very advanced. DR uses digital technology to convert the X-ray information of the human body into digital signals, and then uses high-energy electronic computers for image reconstruction. DR can be used to check whether there are fractures in bone examination, and whether there is intestinal obstruction in digestive tract examination. DR radiography is the X-ray diagnostic equipment in the hospital
– Direct digital X-ray photography system (referred to as DR).
The main advantages over traditional X-rays are:
1. It has super sharpness and excellent image.
2. The radiation damage is small, which is one-half to one-tenth of the traditional x-ray.
3. Imaging is fast (1 minute imaging, 2-5 minutes to take the film).
4. It is convenient for advanced performance such as digital transmission to ensure accurate information for clinical diagnosis.
Of course, the price is also more expensive.
Ordinary X-ray films are printed in advance, and then scanned into the computer for processing, which is an indirect digitization.
DR photographyis the direct digital output of the receiving end, so it is called a direct digital photography system

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