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The imaging characteristics and advantages of mobile DR

The mobile DR system is widely used in clinical routine X-ray examinations due to its combined use of imaging information collection, display, transmission, storage, post-processing and other technologies, convenient and fast operation, and reduced labor intensity.
The projection speed of mobile DR is extremely fast, and the influence of motion artifacts is great. Therefore, the use of mobile DR is the only feasible imaging examination method for children who are easy to cry and move and elderly patients who are intolerant of holding their breath.
Mobile DR imaging has the characteristics of low radiation, permanent preservation of one photo, and multiple production of films. It is a green and environmentally friendly inspection equipment. Since the sensitivity of the DR semiconductor digital imaging panel is much higher than that of the ordinary X-ray film, it only needs a small amount of energy to obtain a satisfactory image. Generally speaking, the X-ray radiation of mobile DR is 30%-70% less than that of ordinary X-ray film. At the same time, due to the short shooting time of mobile DR, the amount of thread eaten by the photographer is only 1/60 of that of ordinary X-ray films, which reduces the risk of X-ray radiation for patients. The projection parameters required to examine different tissues of the human body are different. Ordinary X-ray films need to perform multiple projections for different tissues of the same part, while moving the DR for one projection can record all the information of the projection part, and then you can Read and print out the film at will on the graphics workstation.
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