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Use mobile DR for bedside photographic examinations

Mobile DR is a commonly used clinical examination measure. In the past, the image of the lesion was displayed through ordinary X-ray film imaging technology. With the flat-panel detector as the carrier digital X-ray photography technology enters the clinic, and its supporting image transmission, With the application of storage systems, clinical imaging examinations have gradually entered the digital age.
Bedside photography usually uses mobile DR for critically ill patients. The primary need is to ensure the quality of the filming. However, due to the narrow operating space for bedside filming, the shooting distance is difficult to meet the requirements, and some patients are difficult to cooperate, it is difficult to guarantee the filming. Quality, often due to exposure conditions, body position, artifacts and other factors that interfere with the quality of the film and fail to meet the diagnostic requirements. Traditional bedside X-ray film systems have to go through multiple steps from the beginning of photography to the display of images on the film, and it takes at least 15-20 minutes. Moreover, the final image is fixed and cannot be used for any backstage. With the development of digital photography technology such as mobile DR and its supporting systems in clinical applications, it has made a qualitative leap in assisted bedside photography and provided a better diagnosis. For convenient and accurate imaging information.

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