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Various parameters are required for mobile DR

Seek customers to consult us on mobile DR. The customer sent us the parameters of the mobile DR, let us recommend a suitable mobile DR, according to the parameter requirements, combined with the customer’s budget, we recommended the 400mA mobile DR for the customer, and sent the customer the technical parameters of the mobile DR as follows:
1. Double focus size (small/large): 0.6/1.2 mm
2. Maximum rated power @0.1s :1 6 /32kW@50 Hz
3. Maximum tube current: 400 mA@50 Hz
4. Maximum tube voltage: 125 kVp
5. Anode heat capacity: 220 kHU, anode angle: 12°, anode rotation speed: 2700 rpm@50 Hz
6. X-ray tube activity range:
The highest position from the ground is ≥1850 mm, and the lowest position is 950 mm;
The reference axis can be rotated by ±90° (±5°) laterally
The focus center of the X-ray tube assembly is balanced at any position within the range of 1250~1600 mm, and the braking is reliable.
7. Output power: 32 KW
8. Rated voltage: 220VAC±10%
9. Inverter frequency: 40kHz
If you are interested in this mobile DR, welcome to consult.

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