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What are the characteristics of mobile DR?

At present, ordinary hospitals will purchase mobile DR, not because traditional vertical DR is eliminated, but because mobile DR has more practicality in the face of more special situations, and can be flexibly applied to radiology, orthopedics, Wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICU and other clinical departments.

Must-have feature 1: Powerful imaging capabilities For any medical imaging equipment, the most important thing is of course the imaging effect. Mobile DR also needs clear and accurate imaging during use, thereby assisting doctors to diagnose based on the imaging results.

Mandatory feature two: Rapid imaging Mobile DR needs to be able to image in real time, and the image can be seen on the display within 3 to 5 seconds after exposure, so as to quickly determine whether the patient’s posture is correct. For the waste images that do not meet the diagnostic requirements, you can immediately choose to give up and retake. More importantly, in many operations that require surgical imaging (the time when the contrast agent needs to be observed to reach the lumen), the function of mobile DR instant imaging is more prominent, and its intraoperative instant filming function will greatly shorten the waiting time for surgery.

Mandatory feature 3: Easy to control In the hospital, it is often the weak female nurses who are responsible for transferring the mobile DR from one department to another, and sometimes even enter and exit the elevator. If the control of the mobile DR is poor, it is simply The nurse’s “nightmare”. Therefore, the motor-driven, pressure-sensitive shift in the DR DR. Large capacity batteries, wheel shock absorption and other designs are essential.

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