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What are the features of mobile DR X-ray machine product design to reduce radiation dose?

Mobile DR, as a digital mobile X-ray camera, solves the problem that patients still need to take pictures because it is inconvenient to move to the radiology department room. It plays a very important role in the examination and diagnosis of patients in isolation wards, ICUs, emergency rooms and CDCs. Unlike radiology departments, these places have special shielding and protection objects for the use of X-ray equipment. So how should medical staff and patients in adjacent beds be protected during the use of mobile DR?

1. Use lead clothing to cover non-directly exposed areas. When receiving X-ray irradiation, many patients will only be exposed to a small part of the body, such as upper arms, calves, chest, etc. At this time, we should try to avoid X-ray exposure of sensitive parts, especially sensitive parts such as active bone marrow, gonads, female breasts, and children or fetal epiphyses. Many hospitals will choose to cover other parts of the body with a layer of lead that cannot be penetrated by X-rays during irradiation to prevent the thyroid and gonads from being directly irradiated.
2. Distance protection. Among various protective measures, distance protection is the most effective. For medical staff and non-examination patients, radiation damage can be avoided by staying as far away from the radioactive source as possible. For non-examination patients who cannot move due to disease, radiology technicians will also avoid irradiating in the direction of non-examination patients to reduce radiation. For example, the mobile DR is placed between two hospital beds, and the X-ray exposure field is adjusted to the smallest range as much as possible during shooting to avoid unnecessary exposure.
3. Reducing repeated shooting is also an important preventive measure. Image inspection technicians should try their best to make one-time exposure to avoid radiation damage caused by repeated exposure.

So, in order to reduce radiation dose, what are the characteristics of mobile DR product design?
1. Adopting a double exposure design, the exposure remote control can be used to realize compartment operation, effectively achieving distance protection from radiation, making clinical application convenient and free, and greatly protecting medical staff from ionizing radiation.
2. Intelligent adjustment of radiation dose. It supports accurate adjustment and memory of irradiation dose according to different body types and different parts, reducing unnecessary radiation damage to patients and medical staff. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email: service@newheek.com

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