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What is mobile dr and what are its advantages

Mobile DR is a sub-category of X-ray products. Because of its portability, mobility, flexible operation, convenient positioning, and small footprint, it is known as the “radiology department on wheels”. In this epidemic, mobile DR is very suitable for use in the quarantine area, effectively avoiding cross-infection and quickly obtaining test results.
Mobile DR can quickly acquire and confirm photographic images within a few seconds of exposure, eliminating the need for traditional film development and IP board information reading and other complicated procedures. Images can be processed on-site, network transmission, and printing are efficient, fast and more direct. Mobile DR ushered in a new era of digitalization of bedside photography.
It has a wide range of clinical applications. Meet a variety of clinical needs. It is used for radiography, imaging photography, pediatric photography, physical examination photography, operating room and intensive care unit photography, and meets the X-ray photography requirements for human joints, bones, chest, urology, gynecology and special parts.
There are many ways to use it, you can choose from direct photography, intermittent photography and ordinary photography. According to different shooting needs, choose the corresponding shooting method. Excellent image quality. Adopt a brand-new frame design, high-quality high-frequency high-voltage generator. High-quality digital flat-panel detectors ensure excellent image effects.

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