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What operators should pay attention to when the mobile X-ray machine fails

With the development of society, medical technology has become more and more developed, and people have more and more requirements for the use of X-ray machines, so mobile X-ray machines came into being. The mobile X-ray machine is composed of three parts: the X-ray head, the beamer, and the mobile bracket. It can be moved to any place for shooting, with high efficiency and convenient use. But when any machine fails, what should the operator pay attention to when the mobile X-ray machine fails? Since the X-ray itself has radiation, the power supply should be cut off immediately when the X-ray machine is found to be faulty. The staff of the hospital or institution should put on the protective clothing and put the X-ray machine in the lead room, and contact the maintenance personnel for maintenance. And pay attention to the following points when repairing the X-ray machine: ① When repairing, if the operation with X-rays is carried out, the staff should wear X-ray protective clothing and protective glasses to minimize the damage of X-rays to people. In order to prevent safety accidents, in principle, one person is not allowed to operate when repairing. ②Detectors, X-ray tube components and high-voltage generators are high-end technical products. If there is any fault, please contact the professional staff of the manufacturer, and do not repair by yourself. ③Do not touch the circuit board with a soldering iron or screwdriver when the power is on. ④ During maintenance, it is recommended to use a storage oscilloscope. ⑤Maintenance work must be carried out by skilled technicians who have received training, and should read this manual thoroughly in advance to fully grasp the working principle of the equipment. Otherwise, due to improper adjustment of some parameters, it will not only affect the performance of the whole machine, but even cause damage.
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