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Wuhan customer inquires about X-ray machine

Wuhan customers saw the X-ray machine promoted by our company on the Huarui Imaging website and called for consultation. The customer said that they were a Chinese medicine clinic and needed an X-ray machine for examination. Not very understanding, let us recommend a cost-effective one.
After understanding the customer’s needs, we introduced the 50mA power frequency mobile X-ray machine supporting film imaging system to the customer. Because this X-ray machine is a large power frequency machine, it can meet the basic needs of the patient’s extremity radiograph examination, and the price is not high, so it is suitable for the customer’s clinic to cope with the examination. After we sent the photos to the customer, the customer was very satisfied, but we didn’t know much about the film processing method of the imaging system, and we needed to think about it carefully.
If you are interested in our X-ray machine, you are welcome to contact us.

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