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X-ray machine imaging principle

To put it vividly, an X-ray system is a scanning device. When the X-ray beam passes through the product, the system will take an image of the entire product. According to the size of the detector diode, the X-ray will divide the product into many small blocks for scanning, forming image data for each small block. For example, using a detector diode with a size of 0.8 mm, a new line of image data is acquired for every 0.8 mm of movement along the product’s moving direction. All image data is represented by grayscale values (ranging from 0 (full black) to 255 (full white)). Substances of different densities in the product composition have different absorption of X-rays, forming different gray values. The thicker or denser the product, the more X-rays will be absorbed, the less the detectors will sense, the darker the image gray value, and the easier it will be found and rejected.mobile DR

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