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Zhejiang customer inquiry X-ray machine

A customer from Zhejiang saw our X-ray machine on our Taobao official website, and was very interested in our X-ray machine. He hoped to know the specific information and quotation of our X-ray machine.
After communicating with the customer, I learned that the customer is a private hospital and wants to purchase a set of mobile DR X-ray machines, which are mainly used for positioning during bone spur surgery. It is not necessary to clearly see the outline of the lumbar and cervical spine. We recommend our 100mA portable X-ray machine. Our 100mA portable X-ray machine is no problem at all for taking pictures of the cervical spine. The lumbar spine can’t be seen through but the outline can be seen clearly. It can be imaged directly on the computer with a flat-panel detector. It is easy to operate. The customer sent product information and quotations.
If you are also interested in DR X-ray machine, please contact us at (whatsapp): +8617616362243.

Features of mobile high frequency medical diagnostic X-ray machine:

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