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100mA mobile X-ray machine

The weihai customer who consulted car DR contacted me again and said that he wanted a separate X-ray machine head and did not want a movable stand, so he recommended a 100mA mobile X-ray machine to the customer.The customer thinks it is not bad. It is in the reference.


The components of portable X-ray machine mainly include X-ray generating device and accessory equipment.

The X-ray generator consists of a portable medical diagnostic high-frequency X-ray machine, an X-ray tube and a speed limiter attached to a rack.


(1) Light and simple

(2) 6-segment digital LED display

(3) Selection of 24 preset anatomical memory modes

(4) Analog and digital double-ring high-precision control mode

(5) High-precision tube voltage and tube current control

(6) Fault self-protection and self-diagnosis


Portable X-ray machines are popular because of their lightness and portability. If you have the intention to buy portable X-ray machines,Please send email to us and we will communicate more detailed product data.





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