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Jordanian customer inquiries for portable X-ray machine for animal

The Jordanian customer wanted to find an animal portable X-ray machine for film examination of large animals through RFQ. The NK100YJ 100mA portable X-ray machine of Newheek basically met the customer’s parameter requirements. After we gave the customer a quotation, we asked whether this X-ray machine could meet his requirements.

We recommend the customer to use the DR system, and it is more convenient to use the portable X-ray machine for outdoor shooting. The customer said that the budget was not so much, so he just looked at the X-ray machine first.After we adjusted the quotation of the product style according to the specific needs of the customer, the customer felt that the price was slightly higher than the budget, but it could be tried. Then we calculated the freight and sent the customer the PI.

After several follow-up, the customer replied that he asked for a cheaper X-ray machine. We explained to the customer that you get what you pay for. We have more than 20 years of professional experience, and this X-ray machine has a one-year warranty period, but the failure rate has been 0% so far.

In fact, this customer’s idea is very representative, and he always wants to find a cheaper price. However, no matter what industry or product, there is no lowest price but a lower price. When we choose the products of professional manufacturers, we choose a rest assured, let alone medical devices.

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