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50mA mobile X-ray machine

Our 50mA mobile X-ray machine is mainly used for photography in hospital wards and emergency rooms. It has flexible mobile operation performance and can perform wireless remote control exposure, which greatly reduces the radiation dose of doctors. The size of the whole model is 1290 (length) × 630(W)×1935(H)(mm). In terms of power supply conditions: the maximum power supply capacity is greater than or equal to 5kva, and the power supply voltage is AC: 220V±22V; in terms of photography conditions: the maximum tube voltage is 90KV, with 11 gears, each gear is 5KV, the tube current has two gears, the maximum gear is 50mA, the minimum gear is 30mA, and the average time can reach 0.05s-6s; in terms of mechanical properties, when the X-ray generator window is downward, the distance between the focus and the ground is 450mm-1770mm, and when the X-ray generator is around the horizontal axis The rotation angle is ±180°, when the X-ray generator rotates ±90° around the vertical axis.
Because our 50mA mobile X-ray machine is more convenient and quick to use, most of them will choose our X-ray machine when choosing X-ray machine.

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