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DR digital tablet machine price  

What is the price of DR digital dental tablet machine? Probably around *10,000. The dental tablet machines that our company normally sells include vertical dental tablet machines, portable dental tablet machines and wall-mounted dental tablet machines that are rarely sold. Usually, after consulting the dental tablet machine, most of the customers will choose the vertical dental tablet machine, and some customers will choose the portable dental tablet machine because of their own usage scenarios and site limitations.

Briefly introduce our vertical dental tablet machine:
☆ Installation-free design, easy to use, small space occupation.
☆ Low radiation, the amount of radiation leakage is only 1% of the national regulations.
☆ Exposure parameter preset, touch key selection to quickly expose, save time and improve efficiency.
☆ It can be applied to wash the teeth with fast imaging.
☆ Pneumatic liftable seat, more convenient and comfortable.
☆It can be used together with the digital intraoral X-ray imaging system to form an oral digital imaging system, replacing the dental tablet.

Therefore, the price of each DR dental tablet machine is different.

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