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A Brazilian clinic is very satisfied with our mobile DR.

A certain orthopedic clinic in Brazil inquired about our mobile DR X-ray machine through the website. The other party said that he mainly checked the limbs. He had bought a fluoroscopy machine before, but the effect was not good. We recommended our mobile DR to the customer and quoted a price. Customers say our products are really cheap. We said we were considering cost issues and did not count computers. The customer also accepted it and said that there is currently no lead house and a long-term plan is needed.
As for the radiation issue from the machines: Mobile DR X-ray machines do produce radiation because they use X-ray technology to generate images. However, modern portable X-ray machines are usually tested to strict safety standards to ensure that the amount of radiation is within safe limits. When using a portable X-ray machine, please follow the instructions for use and safety recommendations, such as maintaining proper distance and wearing the radiation protection equipment provided. The risk of radiation exposure can be minimized by ensuring proper use and operation. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult professionals or relevant agencies. It is generally recommended to be fixed in one room for a long time, and it is recommended to make a lead room.
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