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A distributor in Mongolia ordered our mobile DR

A customer in Mongolia consulted our mobile DR X-ray machine through the website. The customer is a dealer. Through communication, we learned that the customer is currently purchasing new equipment for a hospital, and one of the products in the product is about mobile DR X-ray machine. At present, there are still portable X-ray machine and flat detector for the project. The customer is the agent of the hospital cooperation, we asked the customer what it is mainly used for, the customer replied that it is mainly used in the car to go out for emergency treatment, and can carry out small parts of the trauma diagnosis. We introduced the commonly used DR X-ray machine equipment to the customer, you can see the image directly on the computer, recommended the 5KW portable X-ray machine to the customer, and sent the data and imaging renderings. The client saw that it was in line with the hospital’s expectations. We then quoted a price for a complete digital DR Device. The customer replied to communicate with the hospital to confirm again. About half a month or so, the customer came to us and told us that the hospital was satisfied with our mobile DR And could pay now.
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