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A customer consulted about mobile DR and its use

Recently, I received a call from a customer saying that he wanted a portable X-ray machine. I saw mobile DR on our company’s official website, and I was very interested in this product, so I came to inquire. The customer said that they were a private hospital and wanted to purchase a chest radiograph. They responded that this product can take chest radiographs, and can perform a full range of photographic inspections on the limbs, pelvic cavity and lumbar spine of the human body. After reading the mobile DR product, the customer I was very satisfied with the information, and I decided to buy after the integration plan.
The customer sent a picture asking what does it do? Reply to the customer that the flat panel detector is a kind of imaging equipment. Now the X-ray machine needs this equipment for imaging. The customer has asked what the scintillator is, and the material and process of the scintillator coating have affected the ability of X-ray conversion into visible light. Therefore, it will have an impact on DQ E. There are two common scintillator coating materials: cesium iodide and gadolinium oxysulfide.
The working process of mobile DR is: X-ray penetrates the human body (for future reference), and then is projected on the detector, and then the detector directly converts the X-ray image information into digital image information, and then synchronously transmits it to the detector. Collect the workstation, and then use the workstation’s professional medical software to process the images. The flat panel detector, as a key part of the entire system, is of great significance to the resolution of the system. All major companies basically use stable cesium iodide amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors. The core component of the mobile X-ray machine is the detector. Although there are numerous products and manufacturers on the market, only a few manufacturers in the world have the ability to produce alternative flat panel detectors. Nowadays, the mainstream of flat panel detectors is amorphous silicon flat panel detectors. Nowadays, as the installation capacity of mobile DR is gradually increasing, more advantages of its clinical application are being continuously developed and verified. If there is research confirming that mobile DR has a certain effect on bone density detection, the pixel values ​​of double necks, double Ward triangles and double large nodules of the femur are significantly positively correlated with DXA bone density, and the DR pixel values ​​can reflect bone measurement. The density of the site. The main configuration of this equipment mainly includes x-ray tube, beam beam, wireless flat panel detector and high voltage generator. The maximum output power of the high voltage generator is 32 kilowatts. Pay attention when using it and during routine maintenance. Also pay attention.


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