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100mA mobile DR system

The DR system, that is, the direct digital X-ray photography system, is composed of an electronic cassette, a scanning controller, a system controller, an image monitor, etc. It directly converts X-ray photons into a digital image through the electronic cassette. It is a broad sense Direct digital radiography. In the narrow sense, direct digital photography, namely DDR (DirectDigit Radiography), usually refers to digital radiography using the image direct conversion technology of flat-panel detectors, and is a true direct digital X-ray photography system.
The 100mA mobile DR produced by Newheek is mainly used for X-ray photography of the human head, limbs, chest and other parts in the ward, operating room or field.
The 100mA mobile DR is a mobile bedside X-ray machine, using full-wave rectification, combined X-ray head, frame adopts cantilever structure, head positioning is light and convenient, this machine adopts electric beam limiter, which can be conveniently and accurately controlled X-ray radiation field. The whole machine is small in size, portable, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and can be used for X-ray photography in various hospitals and clinics in wards or operating rooms.
Main features of 100mA mobile DR
1. Single focus, full wave rectification, combined X-ray generator
2. Single-chip control, easy maintenance
3. The operation console with strong vision and sense of operation adopts LCD screen display
4. 8 kinds of photography parameters can be pre-stored, and the condition parameters can be selected, modified and stored
5. With power supply voltage (V) automatic adjustment, photography (kV) stepless and continuously adjustable
6. The high-voltage primary adopts high-power thyristor zero control circuit
7. It has protections such as load chain, exposure time, automatic fault alarm, filament preheating, and tube component temperature
8. The frame adopts a cantilever structure, which is small in size and easy to push

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