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A customer consults 100ma mobile DR

Customers from Wuhan came to inquire about our mobile DR. Customers need to use it in fever clinics and require chest radiographs. I recommended 100ma mobile DR to my clients. Let’s take a look at the characteristics and advantages of 100ma mobile DR:
100ma mobile DR product features
1. Folding structure design, convenient for transportation, can be put into the trunk of ordinary car
2. Equipped with high-power energy storage battery, it can also work in places without AC power
3. The dual operation panel design of generator and control cabinet is convenient for doctors to operate
4. Most parts of the main machine are made of aluminum alloy, and the whole machine is light in weight
5.75kHz imported high voltage generator, better performance
●Portable and mobile: standard battery power supply, the filming effect is not affected by the AC power condition, and the film can also be filmed when stopped
●Imported X-ray host with better quality
●High sensitivity: 148 micron DR ultra-thin flat panel technology (14×17), wireless or wired mode optional
●Stable and efficient flat panel detector to ensure high-quality images
●19-inch color touch control screen, Chinese system, real-time browsing and processing images
●Dual-band wireless transmission scheme, so that data transmission is not hindered
●Load a new generation of 148-micron wired transmission wireless transmission DR
●The whole machine is heavy and light
●High frequency inverter high voltage generator, high quality radiation, low dose
●Low maintenance cost, higher cost performance
●Compact folding arm design makes it possible to visit on the car
●Widely used, full coverage of battlefields, emergency rooms, outpatient visits, and wards
In recent years, mobile DR has been widely used, especially since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, mobile DR has attracted much attention. If you need 100ma mobile DR, please contact us.

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