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A customer in Russia is very satisfied with our portable DR

A dealer in Russia found a portable DR X-ray machine through our official website. The other party said it would be best if it could be paired in Russian. However, it just so happens that our portable computer can be customized with a Russian system, and the software can also match Russian. The other party was very satisfied with this and said to discuss it with the end customer first.
Later, the customer sent the specifications and requested a European standard plug. The configuration was finalized and we attached a quotation. In order to deliver the goods as soon as possible, the customer first paid a deposit of 3,000 yuan, and we started stocking up. The remaining payment was settled before delivery. A month later, the customer replied that we had received the goods. We assisted with the installation remotely and the customer was very happy.
The portable DR can adjust the X-ray radiation dose according to the patient’s body shape and examination area through the automatic exposure control function to reduce radiation exposure to patients and medical staff. This advantage of radiation dose control can reduce radiation risks and improve safety. Portable DR can also digitally store images on a computer or cloud, making it easier for doctors to conduct long-term tracking and comparison. In addition, digitized images can be easily shared and transferred to other doctors over the Internet for remote consultation and collaboration.
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