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German customers are very satisfied with our portable DR!

A German dealer saw our portable DR X-ray machine on the website and contacted us to inquire about the details of the portable DR.
The customer said that a local private hospital wanted to buy a portable DR for use. We asked each other what parts of the body they mainly photographed? The customer said they didn’t know much about it, so they directly told us the contact information of the terminal private hospital. Then we communicate the specific situation directly with the hospital.
The hospital said that they now have a radiology department, but have not established a lead room, and they are more concerned about the radiation and certificates of portable DR. We briefly explained the specific situation to the customer. Customers feel that using a fixed DR is more time-consuming and labor-intensive, and is not as convenient and simple to use as a portable DR. We also recommend that customers choose portable DR, because the usage rate of X-ray machines at the customer’s end may be relatively low. At the same time, we also asked the customer which parts of the patient they mainly photograph? Customers said that there were mainly more chest X-rays and more limbs. Our portable DR perfectly meets the customer’s needs, so we sent the portable DR information to the customer to give them a general understanding of our product. Then the customer asked how long is the warranty of our products? We reply in 1 year. How many pictures can be taken in a day? About 1,000-2,000 shots is fine. The exact number depends on the usage scenario. The customer expressed that he was very satisfied and thought the price was okay. He told us that he could pay at the end of the month.
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