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Analog frequency mobile X-ray machine

Mobile X-ray machines played a very important role in the outbreak of SARS and coVID-19. Mobile X-ray machines are usually used for mobile inspections in epidemics. At the same time, due to the large number of patients and the large space required, medical instruments and equipment need to be more flexible to adapt to the large number of patients and the need for emergency testing.

The analog mobile X-ray machine produced by Newheek is mainly used for X-ray photography of the human head, limbs, chest and other parts in the ward, operating room or field, because it is a mobile bedside X-ray machine that uses full-wave rectification. Composite X-ray head, frame adopts cantilever structure, head positioning is light and convenient, and the use of electron beam limiter can conveniently and accurately control the X-ray radiation field. This machine is compact and portable, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and can be used for X-ray photography in wards or operating rooms of various hospitals and clinics. It is also an ideal device for mobile chest physical examination under the current epidemic.

Main technical parameters:
1. Power supply condition: voltage 180V~240V;Frequency 50 hz.Current 35A (instant);Internal resistance<1Ω;2. Photography: Tube voltage 50 ~ 90kV;Tube current 16mA, 32mA, 63mA, 100mA;Time: 0.08s ~ 6.3s
3. X tube focus: 4.3×4.3mm
4. Maximum distance of unlimited remote control: >7 m.
5. Maximum distance from the X-ray nose focus to the ground: 1800mm
6. Minimum distance from the X-ray nose focus to the ground: 520mm
7. Left-right rotation of the column: ±45°
8. Beam limiter: When the distance between the focus and the image receiving surface (SID) is 650mm, the maximum light field shall not be greater than 350×350mm.

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