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Application of digital mobile DR X-ray machine

The digital mobile DR X-ray machine has the following uses:
Medical imaging: It can be used for X-ray examination in hospitals, such as taking X-ray films of chest, bones, joints, teeth and other parts.
Industrial inspection: Mobile DR can be used for non-destructive inspection in the industrial field, such as detecting defects, cracks, and sealing of materials such as metals, plastics, and ceramics.
Security inspection: This equipment can be used for the inspection of personnel and luggage in the security field, such as in airports, stations, subways and other places for security inspection.
Scientific research experiment: The mobile DR X-ray machine can also be used for laboratory research in the scientific research field, such as laboratory X-ray analysis in the fields of material science, geology, and life science.
In short, the digital mobile DR X-ray machine has a wide range of uses and is suitable for applications in different fields such as medicine, industry, security inspection and scientific research.
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